How it works

Receive your tuning file within 4 easy steps.

Our ECU file system delivers tailor-made tuning files in real time.
All needed modifications are made by one of our engineers.

We'll show you the four simple steps below to get started


Create Free Account
Register Account
Before you can use our file service you need to open an account on our portal.
In just a few steps you can create your free account and use our file service.

Opening a account is free! so get started today


Buy Credits
Buy credits securely trough our portal.
In our portal you can choose from numerous recognized payment
providers such as IDeal, Credit Card and many more.

Payments trough our portal are secured by SSL Certifcates and
will occur via our secure payment provider.


Upload your ECU File
Upload ECU File
Get the ECU file from your vehicle and upload this file via our file service.
Choose the adjustments or optimizations that should be made to your ECU file.
Our file service will show you an indication of the credit amount which will be required to download the  file.

Some examples of adjustments that can be processed by our file service:
- Pop & Bangs
- AdBlue Off
- EGR Off
- DPF Off
- Tuningfiles


Download your ECU file
Process and Download
Let our system process your file and make the necessary adjustments.
Within seconds you will see the result of the adjustments made by our system.
Now you can choose to buy this file and download the modified file.

If you choose to buy the modified file you also gain access to the original uploaded file.

Easy Online Chip Tuning!

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